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Finland’s first and only carbon-neutral organic distillery

Once you become a partner, you will officially have your own distillery in Jyväskylä and you will be building a success story that will be internationally remarkable.

Lähes 200 sijoittajaa jo mukana!


- in a Bottle.

We decided to brew as high quality vodka, gin and whiskey as possible from pure, organic raw materials from Finland.
We only did not stop there.
We have decided to take over the world with our products. And you can become a part of this story.
You will be able to bring not only the Finnish know-how of distilling but also a piece of Finnishness to the world.

Simply beautiful.

Quietly mysterious.

Vähän puhuva.

Tells through actions.

Addresses with flavours.

That is both Finnishness and 1000 Lakes beverages.
We bring out to the world everything that you and I love about Finland.

We bottle Finnishness and take it to every corner of the world, just one sip away.

And now is our turn to show you what we can achieve together.

To succeed

is to stand out.

There are over a 100 small breweries in Finland.
Internationally-spread breweries specialised in organic and environmental values there are none in Finland.
That separates us from all others, and that is why
several thousands of products have been pre-ordered from us.
Our chance is one of a kind, because we are the first and the only.

What does carbon neutral

organic distillery actually mean?

Carbon neutrality = By supporting a carbon-neutral company, you are helping the world remain as we know it now. We always strive to keep our carbon footprint zero.
Organic = We use pure and tasty raw materials from local farms, which makes our beverages taste pure.
Distillery = Suosittelemme sinua ryhtymään osakkaaksi vain, jos tiedät, mikä tislaamo on!

Why should you

invest in us?

Usually nothing but the idea is ready during the funding round of the early stages of the project, but we are much further than that:
  • We are based on a team that has internationalised tens of companies
  • We have a premise in Jääskelä, Jyväskylä
  • Several thousands of fortified beverages have already been pre-ordered
  • Alongside our premise, there is a catering premise that has been profitable for years


We will begin our full-blown production and internationalisation at the beginning of 2021.
You will have a chance to invest in a business that is becoming international. The stable and profitable fundament brought by the catering premise eliminates risks from your early-stage investment.

In addition to the dividends and the capital

gain of the business, you shall receive:

  • Special partner benefits, discounts and events. Ask more!
  • We can make it possible to produce unique-looking beer bottles in greater quantities for companies as well as offer the catering services at a smaller price.
  • And, of course, you shall have your own brewery and distillery.

Join us in taking Finnishness to every corner of the world,

just one sip away.

We love our country — its forests, lakes and fields. We love our friends and family. We love life.
We truly have connection to our nature, it is our endless resource of wellbeing and happiness. From our nature we all get energy to thrive for the better tomorrow.
That’s why we strive for our distillery to be completely organic and carbon neutral.
We all have a thirst for life. And it will always lead us toward something exciting.

Since you read this far, you seem like you would fit right in with us.

We will begin the production and internationalisation in 2021.
Join us with the amount you want and ask for more information through the form.


Villa jääskelä

1000 Lakes Distillery will be build on wonderfull finish farm Villa Jääskelä in central Finland.

Jääskeläntie 214 I 40800 Vaajakoski I info@1000lakesdistillery.com I VAT number: FI23743747

© 1000 Lakes Distillery 2019




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